Together we change urban mobility

Our path

Since 2022, we have been working to develop the latest and most innovative cargo bikes for the market. Our goal is to give the last-mile market something special to reach a new level of comfort and productivity.

Cities today are choked with cars, slowing down movement and polluting the air. Yakbike aims to change this by offering a better alternative in urban areas.

Our ambition

To completely eliminate the barriers to adopting electric cargo bikes by offering a high-performing and user-friendly vehicle. Our goal is to make using the Yakbike as simple as using a van, ensuring time and comfort savings for logistics professionals.

Our difference

With a passionate team sitting at the intersection of technology, design, and mobility, we provide a product on which we have a complete vision of the development. From the powertrain to the chassis, everything is developed at our headquarters with the renowned Swiss-made rigor and quality.

Everything began with the creation of Shematic SA by Cédric Flüeli. The brand quickly made its name making some of the best electric propulsion solutions. Today the brand works for numerous renowned clients.
This is when the name Yakbike was born. The idea was simple: how to use all the knowledge and experience gathered by Shematic from working with partners across a wide range of activities to build the best cargo bike. From the best-looking to the most powerful with the aim to change urban logistics.

The vision is now reality. Yakbike is now the solution chosen by many like GLS France, Donkey Republic, or OVO urban logistics and described as the only tool capable of following their needs without compromises. The bike is still being improved and ongoing development every day by a growing team counting talents from some prestigious universities (ECAL, Ecole Centrale Lyon, EPFL, ...).

Swiss Made

Yakbike is based on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland since its creation. A place not only interesting for its wonderful views, but also for the numerous renowned industries, universities, and promising startups.

Swiss-made quality is synonymous with Switzerland and a part of our goal at Yakbike. Each product is designed, produced, and assembled with the highest level of attention, ensuring the highest quality and durability.

Being Swiss is also very practical for us, placing us at the center of Europe. This allows us to partner with many different partners across the continent.

We are proud to be labelled as a Solar impulse efficient solution after being thoroughly assessed by a pool of independent experts according to criteria covering the three main topics of Feasibility, Environment and Profitability.


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